A life worth living is a purpose-filled one. And although Reflections of a Woman cannot promise to miraculously affirm YOUR PURPOSE in life, it can truly offer some quirky advice and needed motivation along the journey. It is meant to initiate the inner thoughts and reflections of self that we all must engage in daily. Reflections of a Woman is written to compel its readers to realize that their outside reflection is a representation of what is inside. Do you see greatness, regardless of the circumstances you face?


The woman staring back at her is not only phenomenal, but she is extremely capable of overcoming obstacles in her way and achieving greatness. A woman that, even though life comes at her hard and from all different directions, she is still able to get up and lift up others as she climbs back out of the trenches that adversities try to keep her in.


Reflections of a Woman not only offers words of encouragement that aid during the inevitable times when we find ourselves in the trenches, but the author's words offer a sense of sisterhood throughout the pages of the book.

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